INARTS, established in 1998 in Bandung, Indonesia, is a customer focused group of dedicated media developers. In 2002, to meet growing demand, the head office was moved to Jakarta, Indonesia where INARTS now continues to bring exciting new media solutions to the market.
INARTS, serves both People and Data communication with extensive years of experience. Every development undertaken by INARTS receives applies the highest standards to ensure customer expectations are achieved.

INARTS provides a unique-way of treating your communication needs. Our expertise enables us to merge people and data communications through a combined two layer system.

INARTS growth has been realized through its people and investment in technology. Our personnel are young and talented designers, smart and intelligent programmers that are backed up with an experienced management team. These personnel come together as a synergized team ready to bring value to our clients.

Our investment in technology and infrastructure provides a modern office for you, our valued customer, to be confident of INARTS.

INARTS office is equipped with 24-hour broadband connection. Each personnel has access to emails and internet which enables total collaboration internally and also with the clients.